Shared rooftop dining

Property owners share their rooftop space and private chefs turn that space into an intimate restaurant to cook you and other guests a five star meal with a spectacular view.


The Big Problem


We were tired of paying hundreds of dollars to eat at a nice restaurant with a good view. We wanted 5 star food and service with a view of the city for a reasonable price.

Rooftops in our cities take up over 35% of the total land there. We wanted to take advantage of that by having property owners turn their rooftops into temporary restaurants.


The Restaurant Reinvented


Shared Rooftops

Property owners share their rooftop for certain nights and turn that space into a temporary “restaurant.”


Top-Rated Chefs

Top rated chefs are paired with rooftop owners to create a custom menu and offer you a fine dining experience.


Make a Reservation

View the different rooftops based on location and cuisine and when ready, simply book a reservation in the app.


Rooftop Views

Enjoy the beautiful views of your city from the rooftop locations. You’ll see that rooftop dining is the best way to go.



Because we don’t have the overhead that other five star restaurants carry, we’re able to offer you a similar experience, but for a much more affordable price.


Ready to turn your rooftop into a restaurant?


We connect you with top-rated chefs within your city.


Pick and choose which nights and hours you want to share your rooftop.


Make at least 4x more than hosting your property on Airbnb.

On slow weeks, when I know my Airbnb won’t be booked, I use Rooftop to rent out my space and earn a lot more. Plus, I get to enjoy a five star meal and meet new, amazing people.

- Lisa Venice, CA

Become a Rooftop Chef!


We’ll connect you with a great host that has an amazing rooftop view.


Cook outside for guests in an intimate dining experience.


Test out new dishes by creating your own menu and getting instant feedback.

I love cooking for Rooftop guests. I’m able to cook new dishes and talk with guests about things they liked and disliked. Cooking on a rooftop with a beautiful looking over my city is an incredible experience as well.

- Chef Rafael San Diego, CA

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